Opening or management of foreign subsidiaries in France?

Willingness to expand and organize abroad?

International business issues require precise and specific expertise. To address these issues, our firm created a dedicated team trained to manage key accounts.

Our services can be divided in two main categories :

Day to day management

  • Accounting: bookkeeping, review, preparation of financial statements
  • Group Reporting: preparation of financial closing, implementation and support of « fast close » procedures
  • Intra-group relationship management: suppliers, clients, cash (netting & cash pooling), implementation and monitoring of intra-group reinvoicing
  • Internal audits (assistance and update): Including Sarbanes-Oxley laws (SOX) and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

All of these services are performed in compliance with French (PCG 99.03, consolidation 99.02) or International (IFRS, US GAAP) accounting standards.

Strategic and organizational projects

Companies and their subsidiaries operate on a daily basis and are expected to evolve and therefore manage changes in their organizations and structures.

Building on successfull past experiences of development and reorganization issues, we are the right partner to help you to:

  • International development: assistance to French companies setting up abroad
  • Interim Management: deploying human resources to enhance financial teams (from the accounting employee to the Chief Financial Officer), reorganizing financial services and drafting of optimized and efficient work processes (according to SOX and FCPA legislations if needed)
  • Shared Services Center: setting up shared services center and management of the transition period between the two organizations (before and after SSC implementation).

We have developed multiple and high quality skills to offer great services to international companies and key accounts. The above list is not complete, so do not hesitate to contact us to further discuss your requirements.

Our goal : Your success!